Since you are so sincere in your question

Who said it, the package will be more expensive to buy…

I don’t deceive me. After I fell in love with the orange-packed pony, my love for the Chanel goose has faded a lot (women, really fickle)

Coincidentally, a few days ago, a friend wrote a message saying that he recently began to indulge in Hermes.

But the size of the package is too complicated, I can’t understand, ask if I can write a popular science.

Since you are so sincere in your question! Then I will write happily!
You all know that Hermès’ most famous bags are Birkin and Kelly. It’s super hard to buy. What other styles does it have?

I will take a look at the firm beliefs and principles that I don’t buy, and walk into this Hermès’s popular science~
Birkin, also known as the Platinum Bag, is named after the French singer Jane Birkin.

Because the craftsmanship craftsmanship (Ang) Zhan (expensive), so each bag is engraved with the year on the buckled belt.

Yes, this is what everyone knows, then I don’t know.

The original design sketch of Birkin’s bag is drawn on the vomit bag, because it is the Hermes boss who heard on the plane that Jane complained that he could not find a big bag that could work well and can hold things. Inspiration (or how else would be named Birkin.

In fact, what Jane liked most before was the straw bag. Was it really rare to go to the plane without a backing basket?

Because, just two days before boarding, Jane’s husband broke the basket that was often backed up.

When I think about it, I don’t know if the Hermes fans around the world are screaming for him or holding a kitchen knife.