Harmonium Workbook A-Z

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The testimonials are from these Bhaktas!

Well known Kirtan artists from all over the world have purchased this Workbook.

There has NEVER been a book EVER produced with this much information on how to play the harmonium! I have seen what is out there. I am proud to say that nothing out there comes close to what I have put together.

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YouTube videos of the chants in the workbook are listed below.

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Harmonium Workbook 3rd deluxe edtion

Quotes and thoughts about the workbook that I wrote on the FB page:
I feel everyone should have their own personal devotional chanting practice. Chanting is the one thing that has opened my heart & instantly connected me to the divine.
I put my heart & soul into this workbook, leaving no stone unturned. I hold nothing back. All I have learned is yours for the taking. All you have to do is go step by step (putting the time, effort & practice) with the workbook & tutorial videos that are on FB. Putting time into learning the basics will help your practice & evolve into something magnificent. With this workbook you will have years of information & practice at your finger tips. You will be able to evolve & work at your very own pace.

Do you want to lead your yoga classes in a chant?

Do you want to lead kirtan?

Then this is for you!

Anyone that wants to learn how to play the harmonium this is the workbook for you. It’s more like the “Harmonium Bible”. This workbook teaches you step by step how to play melodies and how to put together chord progressions in every key signature.

This is beyond a how to play the harmonium book. It has everything you need in order to lead kirtan and chants for your yoga classes. “A-Z” stands for beginner to advanced. Everyone will get a ton of information out this workbook. That I promise you.

This has been a labor of love.

The song sheets are not written with Staffs or Clefs.
They are written with a mix of western note, chords, & sargam for easy learning.

Table contents; 3rd Deluxe edition workbook (144 pages)

This workbook has 2x more chant song sheets
(you are paying less then $2 a song sheet, not including all the lessons, & instruction)
This version has virtual keyboards in Sargam, plus Tāns
There is a whole section on Classical vocal training exercises
Don’t forget the exclusive FB group that is loaded with videos, as a bonus that comes with the purchase of the workbook.

Chapter I
Octaves, Notes, & Sargam
Warm-up using the 3 Octaves, throat care, & tempo.
Timing, Bilāwal Thāt formula, C Major, Sargam & Finger placement
Labeling keys for easy learning.
Vocal tips by Jai Uttal & Zekria Rahin
Mental prep before chanting, sargam reintroduction
Sargam fingering & vocal exercises
The “10 Thāts”
10 Thāts on virtual keyboards in key of C & C#
Virtual key boards in Sargam in keys of Bb,B,& D
Using Tāns in different Thāts for agility, timing, & speed

Chapter II
Circle of fifths & using that to find a drone
Figuring out chords (inversions) & formulas

Chapter III
Sanskrit Pronunciation guide
Prayers & invocations
Chants using a drone for your yoga classes

30 Chant / kirtan song sheets.
*Not written w/ Clef or Staff notation*

Invocations to the Guru by Ned & Lynn
Invocation to the Guru by Hanumanji
Oṁ Namaḥ Śivāya Gurave by Krishna Das
Asato mā sadgamaya / Lokaḥ Samastaḥ by Hanumanji
Twameva by Jai Uttal
Gaṇeśaḥ śaranām śaranām gaṇeśaḥ by Hanumanji
Om Tāra by Lynn Margileth
Hare Krishna “Maha Mantra” by Sura Das
Hare Krisnha by Hanumanji
Govinda jaya jaya by Gaura Vani
Govinda Govinda Gopala by Mike Cohen
Jay Radha Ramana hari bol by David Estes ‘Ananda Rasa Kirtan’
Govinda jaya jaya by Jai Uttal
Govinda jaya jaya & Sītā with chords by Sura Das
Sita Ram by Jai Uttal
Hare Ram Ram Ram by Devadas
Shri Ram jay Ram by David Estes ‘Ananda Rasa Kirtan’
Jai Jagadambe by Ishwari Keller & Sruti Ram ‘Sri Kirtan’
Durga Ma by Pascale LaPoint ‘Kirtan Path’
Anandamayi Ma “Bhajamana Ma”
Om Guru Devi by Devadas
Ammā Ammā Taye
Oṁ Namaḥ Śivāya -Ammā version
Śiva Śaṅkara Bolo Mahādeva by David Estes (ARK)
Om Namah Shivaya by Mindra Sahadeo
Hare Om Shivaya by Mike Cohen
Bhajan: Jaya Jagadeesha hare
Happy Birthday Sargam

Chapter IV
Chord leading formula/ chart (chord progressions)
I, IV, & V scale degrees with chords for all Major & minor scales
Complete scale degrees in every key for Major & minor scales
How to figure out chords for the different Thāts in your key

Chapter V
Indian music, rhythm, beat cycles, introduction to Ragas
The 6 Main male ragas
What are the components (Time cycle, jati, ect.) of a raga?
There are 10 different rasas of the indian raga system

Chapter VI
“Traditional Kirtan Chants” without melodies
Ram, Sita Ram,& Hanuman
Kṛṣṇa (Krishna) & Rādhā
Śivā (Shiva)
Mā, Kālī, Durga
Mantras & Chakras with their meanings
Hanuman Chalisa by Pascale LaPoint ‘Kirtan Path’
Hanuman Chalisa’s 40 verses
Complete chords tables with common chord progressions
Enharmonic scales, & transposing Sargam
All about chords (Chord formulas)

Chapter VII
‘Classical Vocal training’
How to use / tune a Tanpura?
Find your ‘Sa’ for your classical vocal training
Classical Indian sargam training exercise section**
24 Rāgas with sargam, pakad, Jati, time, Vadi & Samvadi

Bonus: beats & rhythm
Tāls & bols for tabla (timing and counts)
Beats & bols for Doumbek hand drum 4/4 count rhythms
Hanumanji giving thanks
Blank Piano keyboards

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The chants below are the ones in the workbook.

Kirtan Path. 2 chants from their new CD “Saṃgāyati-A Gathering In Song”, ‘Durga Ma’ & ‘Hanuman Chalisa’

Ned & Lynn’s 2 chants from Bhakti Treasure.’Om Tara’ & ‘Guru Brahma’

Jai Uttal’s CD Loveland. Chant ‘Twameva’

In addition to the workbook:
With the purchase of the workbook, I add you to the exclusive FB group with tons of tutorial videos. The videos alone are priceless. There are tutorials from me and others. You will have years of chants and instruction at your finger tips.