I have 3 new books out, that will help you go to the next level when it comes to playing the harmonium. The Ultimate Riyaaz book vol.1 & 2 and The ultimate book of sargam patterns. These are great books for after you have mastered the Harmonium workbook. Check them out on Practice book” tab & on Amazon.com. You can order them along with the Harmonium workbook, if you wish.


Deluxe 3rd edition

Deluxe 3rd edition

Unsolicited Testimonials from buyers:

Premal~ “Hanumanji, recently I received your book and I wanted to express my gratitude for your generosity in sharing this information to inspire more chanting; and then to host this group where we can continue to share and learn from one another. This is a great contribution towards the Bhakti practice. Thank you for your service. Haribol!”

Joan Stango ~ “Dear Hanumanji,
I just purchased your book. I have a background in Indian classical vocal music, and it is great to have the basics in written form. Thank you for this!
Best to you,
Joan Stango. Santa Fe, NM”

Raghavendra Giri Dacosta ~ “There is not a lot of information out there on how to play a harmonium and create your own melodies to chant with different mantras.
I have been leading a small Kirtan group in NJ for 5 years now. I have learned the little bit I know by talking to other musicians, yet it has not been easy. I have taken classes with Classical Indian musicians at Ananda Ashram in monroe, NY. I have purchases a few video tutorials from Daniel Tucker (Kirtan Central) before he even had a website. Yet what I have found on the Harmonium Workbook A-Z by Keith is profound, really easy to follow and has helped me figure out things that were a complete mystery to me. It has answered questions I have had for many years in a simple easy to follow techniques.

His support on the FB Group page he created is an added bonus. Even Jai Uttal has given
him credit for his good work!
Thank you Keith for offering us all your wisdom and support. May you and yours be
blessed :)”

Matrirupa Marjo Van Dijk ~ “I have been working through the Harmonium Workbook A-Z, and have found it a great resource. I have been playing the harmonium for a while and have been learning from other budding harmonium players, which is also a great way to learn. But what works really well for me with this workbook, is that it clarifies so many mysteries about cords and open cords. I am naturally drawn to playing open cords and with the ideas and melodies found in the workbook it all of sudden all falls into place, makes lots and lots of sense. So far have made 3 new kirtan melodies of my own. The other thing that I really like about the workbook is the links to different websites where you can find more kirtan music. It has been good to be able to listen to kirtan melodies on youtube and soundcloud. The connection to the FB group has given me a link to a whole community out there, and has a feel of a continuing learning to it, with new kirtans and practices posted to it by Keith regularly. In stead of feeling that I have bought a finished product I feel I have come into an evolving community, in which there is the possibility to continue to learn and develop doing what I love doing, chanting and playing the harmonium.”

Matrirupa from New Zealand ~ “We received ours yesterday, Yay! And already have been inspired to ‘make’ my own kirtan through feeling into the sounds of my harmonium, thanks!!”

Manprem ~ “Wow…came home to The Workbook and it is awesome! I can’t even imagine the hours that went into producing it. Still poring over it so I don’t miss a thing It could be months before I even have time to supplement all you’ve included! Shine on HanumanJi…you and your seva are true gifts to the planet we call Earth. You are what I call a Force Multiplier…all you’ve put out there is being Multiplied by each person who learns and then shares and learns and shares and so on and so on.Thank you SO much. Shanti & Prema to you.”

Paul T. ~ “Feeding my inner child instincts and curious of devotional practice, in 2014 I bought a Harmonuim at Bhakti Fest, something I had been strangely attracted to for quite some time. I’ve never played any instrument before. Never, any, instrument… ever. I’ve never even learned how to read music or technically how music works; I just like to hear it.

The harmonium came with a book, “Demystifying the Harmonium”. Simple enough I thought, I would just spend time with this book and learn the basics, and… that’s all I did. For the next 2 years I would go through the book and play with all of the basic techniques. I’ve never learned to read music before, so I have no idea how the western scale works. Instead, the book started with Sargam, the Indian music system.

The book explained everything about playing a harmonium, and for the total novice musician, it explains everything about Sargam at a pace that is easy to understand and follow. I spent so much time with this book I kinda became to know it’s personality, you know when you read a book so much you can sort of cue in on the authors personality? It was that kind of experience.

So it was a really cool surprise that the author of this book, Keith Villanueva, was teaching the morning Sargam classes at this year’s Jai Uttal’s Kirtan Camp in Fairfax, Ca.”

Veronica Reis ~ “I cannot recommend The Harmonium Workbook highly enough. I am starting as a complete novice & think i will be learning from this book for a long time to come without it being over my head to start! A total gem!”

Authur K.~ “Dear Hanumanji, I recently bought the Harmonium Workbook and I am a huge fan. Thanks for all of your great work and sharing your love and knowledge with the rest of us.”

Roxane Marie ~ “I love Keith’s harmonium workbooks !
He covers many layers and levels . Integrating sargam and western chords . All kinds of goodies in his book ! Jai Jai Hanumangi !”

Artist Elizabeth ~ “Hello, Keith! I wanted to share with you that I’m using the basic vocal warm up in your workbook. The guidance is remarkable and the technique is very clear! No straining in my voice at all!”

HarishaktiFrom (West Australia)~ “Thank you Keith for creating an in-depth book which will aid a lifetime of learning…Demystifying the Harmonium workbook A-Z is jam packed full of information and resources to assist any aspiring kirtanist in playing the harmonium be they a beginner or like me have some experience. You have left no stone unturned covering the basics and more…..including both the eastern and western modes of playing the harmonium, as well as lots of mantras, vocal tips and throat care which makes this book a great asset and tool for learning harmonium.

It is a very comprehensive book…It’s got me playing my own melodies, has me creating more on my own, that I am working on. I have managed using the chord progression chart to create a simple Om Namah Shivaya one and hopefully I will be inspired to create some more as I continue to practice/play with the sargam and chord combinations.

The music theory has always been my weakness and a barrier in my progressing in my learning but it is all becoming much clearer to me now thanks to your book…. I am finding new things each time I look through it that I didn’t notice or quite comprehend before and appreciate all the links you post on the face book page for different kirtan lessons as I feel I do learn better visually and when I can hear the kirtan that I am learning. This coupled with your book will enable my understanding and knowledge of playing the harmonium to continue to blossom, once again thank you Hanumanji for your efforts in compiling this book and all the information you share so freely online, I highly recommend this book to those seeking to learn how to play the harmonium…thanks again for sharing all your knowledge in this book and for your kind words of encouragement … Om Tat Sat” Aum & Prem

Rebecca Curland ~ “I love my workbook :)!!!!”

Rosie Warburton ~ “Awesome Keith! Amazed that I am already creating kirtans of my own! Very exciting….. :-)”

Debra Gehrke ~ “Thanks, Keith Villanueva! You amaze me, by the way! I don’t know how you do what you do!!! You’re a bhakti/mantra/harmonium wizard…an alchemist…a godsend! Now if I could just keep up with all your posts at Harmonium workbook A-Z (and in the workbook purchasers fb group, incredible resource!)!!! I need to take a week (maybe a month) off and dedicate it solely to your posts and to the workbook. Then, MAYBE then…I’d have a chance of keeping up and more importantly utilizing all the great tools you keep sharing! Thank you SOOOO much!!! *bowing deep, in appreciation* ♥”

Marion Saraswati Muentefer ~ “Hario OM,
I am Saraswati I live in Portugal in the Algarve and I got my Harmonium in May. I am a Disciple from Sri Swami Satchidananda. I was searching for a Book who could explain me how to play my Harmonium and started my Journey on the Net .I found some Material but all could not explain it to me . But I did not gave up my Patience I prayed to Gurudeva for help and he guided me to Keith , which Book is done with so much love and understanding and details that now my Journey can start , also I would love to say I found a true BHAKTI YOGI in him who always is there when you need him lots of love to you. I was so blessed to find this book as I had no knowledge at all and this book contains all we need to learn to play a Harmonium ”

“I am blessed having such a master of the heart and such a great book explaning me not only to become a devoted harmonium player now, this book speaks to the heart because its done with so much love and explains so well what it means to play . Gurudeva gave me my name saraswati now i know why , I am on the path to discover her. Keith has helped me, Jai!”

Clark Samson ~ “Hi Keith, I want to say thank you very much for the workbook. You are a true bhakti dynamo!”

Carmel Ann Callan ~ “Awesome! Went to the temple today and played the basic Hare Krishna, fun! Never sat in front of a harmonium before…there was a man there also who is a musician, he thought the book was great! I also loved that Amma Amma Taye is in there, lots of great stuff, thanks, Keith!”

Lisa Desrosiers ~ “I’m just this week having time to sit down with it, so far so good! It’s
been a long time since I’ve played at a keyboard and the focus then was on reading music,
so this is liberating to explore and play with chords and the ‘bhav’ of the music. I’m
having a great time. Your efforts are much appreciated!”

Beth Swick ~ “Hey Keith,I did get the workbook and I’ve been going through it. What a wonderful resource. Thankyou for all your work putting it together. Your passion for Bhakti certainly shines through.

The workbook is helping me create a structure for myself to experiment and learn more
about Hindustani and Western music. I find that I am making extensive notes and
reorganizing things into a way that works specifically for me.”

Roxane Marie ~ “There is so much to dive into here Hanumanji…. Makes me want to quite my day job so I can stay home and study and practice!” “Love this chant! Going to learn this one tonight. Feels good to be with my harmonium again. Thanks for the guidance Hanumanji. Love to you. I tried to send you the Krishna song you taught us but my video was too long.”

Cathy Connors ~ “This stuff is awesome! Thank you… now…finding the time to play more!” 🙂

Astrud Castillo ~ “I love it last night and this morning I was all over it making sounds on the harmonium. I wish we all lived closer for satsang.”

Heidi Rayden ~ “Keith…..so proud of you- this is awesome!”

Michael L. ~ “Workbook received! Thanks, very nice, lots of good info, easy to read style. Facebook group that goes with the workbook is packed with good stuff as well. Time to get to work. A fine addition to my collection.”

Chisten Rajter ~ “Jai, jai, I am so exctied to order this book!!! On the top of weeks to do list, thanks so much for sharing this important information to all us Mantra Warriors!!! Hari Om.”